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19 مايو 2016
النوع (الجنس)
Crossing Limits And Fucking My Best Friend

Hello, friends Greywolf here. I am back again with another erotic and sensual story for you guys. This time it may not be a real story as I am not having a life as colorful as other ISS writers. But trust me on this that even if this story is a fiction but it won’t take away any fun.

This story is about me and my best friend Khushi. First, let me explain you the appearance of her body. She has black eyes and hair. She is 5 feet 6 inches tall and has a skinny body but still, her abdominal curves are something to die for. She has a wheatish complexion and sharp features.

She may not have the best bulged out ass you’d see anywhere but yeah her stuff is something worth looking and when it comes to her boobs the explanation remains same. So allover she may lack big boobs and ass but still, they are fine and she is quite attractive.

Now when it comes to me I am 5 feet 10 dark eyes and hair. I am also quite wheatish in complexion but slightly fairer than Khushi. I also have a skinny body but my cute features, elegant personality and a sort of sexy accent make me attractive overall.

Now let me explain you guys the kind of relationship me and Khushi share. We know each other for 2 years and we are the kind of best friends that are to be given examples of. We know each and everything about each other. We talk for hours and hours without stopping.

We were quite frank to each other but none of us ever thought of each other in the wrong way. She tells me about her periods, relationships and all such things quite frankly. I also tell her about my nightfall, masturbation, relationships etc without any hesitation.

Neither of us ever craved sexual satisfaction from each other. The incidences that will be narrated in this story are timed in the month of December. They all take place in my house. Now let’s not keep you guys waiting anymore and get to the main plot.

I am sitting in the drawing room of my home, on my couch and watching the TV. It was quite chilly this year. I was wearing loose track pants and a hoodie on the top. I was watching my favorite show with full concentration when suddenly the bell rang.

I got up and the door is just behind me so I opened it and found Khushi there. She was wearing a purple puffy kind of jacked with fur at the hoodie and black tights. She had put the hoodie on. I let her inside and closed the door. I settled on the couch and so did she.

I asked her, “Didn’t know that it was snow falling in Delhi nowadays?” and I chuckled. She shrunk her eyes and said, “Very funny. But mister I don’t want to get sick and there is no bravery in wearing fewer clothes in such bone-chilling winter.”

I looked back at the TV and said in a low voice, “When will you stop talking like my mother.” She also chuckled at this one. I said then, “Yaha kaise madam?” She said, “Kyu now I have to give the reason to come to my house huh?”

I said, ” Whatever it is. Shut up and watch TV with me.” It was her favorite show also. So we both sat there for an hour and a half with talking only a bit and enjoying the show. When it finally ended we went to our room. She asked “Aunty kab ayegi?” I replied, “Arre don’t expect her for the next two hours at least dude.”

She chuckled, “Acha ok. (She thought for a moment and then said) Sunn I needed you to explain something to me yaar.” I said okay and then she told me what it was and for the next half an hour we were studying. When it ended and I closed the book she said in a low voice, “Acha sunn.” I said, ” Ya?”

She said, “Will you mind if we talk a bit about sex?” I replied, “Have I ever minded? Speak up come on.” She said, “Yaar see I am feeling too horny today.” I looked at her and chuckled and said: “Toh why are you telling me?” She said: “Arre yaar bas aise hee.”

When I didn’t say anything she said again “Yaar I am bored of masturbating myself now.” I said, ” Toh? Why don’t you get someone?” She said, “Arre you know na I am not that good looking. Even some boys who are interested in me are not nice.” I said, ” Acha toh what do you want?”

“I want you to help me with it.” She said this very quickly and clearly showing that she had gathered a lot of courage to say this. I looked at her in shock and said after a moment, “Pagal hogayi hai kya? Have you gone mad? You know na you are my sister and we are not allowed to do such things.”

She said, “Arre pagal hone ki kya baat hai yaar. I am asking you for help only na. There is nothing wrong with sexual satisfaction. Now come on stop being a dick and do it.” I said, “Hell no. Now change the topic.” She said, “Tujhe meri kasam.” I said in anger, “Hey take back the kasam. I am not gonna do any such thing.”

She said, “Acha baba don’t get angry. Vapas leli kasam. Par try to understand na I am only asking you to help me.” When I refused again she said, “Acha sunn just one time and I will do it for you too. And after this, I won’t ask you again either. I will keep annoying you and vaise bhi we are not real bhai behen we are even not related. Come on now.”

I said, “Yaar Khushi samajh it isn’t right.” She said in an annoyed voice, “Arre it’s enough now. You are also getting something na and for this one time only please please please please man.” She said please already 20 times I had to agree in the end.

I said, “Acha ok ok.” She smiled widely. I said, “Par bas only one time huh.” She said, “Arre haan haan.” I said, “acha take off your tights now.” She said, “Arre you are gonna make me feel good na so you take it off why me?” I said “Acha ok.” She was sitting on the bed and I was standing.

I walked closer to her and pulled down her tights and underwear. Ooh my god. I was looking at a pussy for the first time. I was a virgin and so was she. Her pussy was dark in color and a bit hairy. Though it may not be very beautiful in your choice I find this kind of vagina very attractive.

I was staring at it for at least a whole minute then finally she said: “Sir agar ghoorna hogaya go toh kaam shuru kare.” She had removed her jacket earlier so she was in her full sleeved pink t-shirt and her bra only. Well as she has asked me I sat beside her and as I touched her pussy she breathed in.

Her pubes were drenched in her vaginal juices. I commented, “You seem extremely horny.” She said, “I am” and she bit her lip. Her vagina didn’t feel very soft because of the huge mass of outgrowth but her skin beneath was very soft. I started rubbing my hand on her pussy.

She started moaning, “Ohh yeah bhai, very good keep doing it like this, oh yeah. You are gonna make me cum very soon if you keep doing it like this. Oh yeah.” After at least ten minutes I stopped. In the meanwhile, she didn’t stop moaning for even a second. She said, “Kya hua why did you stop? I’m on continue.”

I said, “If we keep going like this you will cum soon and then you will not do it for me. It’s your turn now.” She smiled and said, “Achaa haan haan chalo track pants utaro.” I didn’t say anything but kept looking at her. Then she grinned wide and said, “Arre haan haan ruko I have to do it. Come on.”

She got up, loosened my track pants and pulled them down. My penis was already erect and was in its full 6.4 inches. She was shocked for a second but then laughed and said, “Itna chota nunnu. Hahaha.” I said angrily, “Haan you can just talk. If it is inside you once you won’t stop screaming.”

She said, “Acha bhai don’t be angry. I was joking. It is superb and looks good also.” I said, “Ya ya now go on.” She held it in her hand and started shaking it. I felt her soft palm and fingers squeezing on my penis and shaking it at full pace. Up and down up and down. What a feeling it was.

I started breathing fast and moaning also. She asked, “Am I doing good?” I laid down on the bed completely and she also climbed on it and I said still breathing very fast, “Aah bahot sahi. Awesome bas t-shirt aur bra utar de aur maza ayega.” She got up and pulled up her t-shirt and bra and threw them aside.

Her boobs may not be the biggest you’ll get to see but yeah they were quite mesmerizing. They were quite pointed. She kept shaking it for 10 minutes at least and then all of a sudden she took it in her mouth. OH MY GOD, it was just extreme. I said in a low voice, “Nahi don’t do it. It isn’t appropriate. Stop.”

But she didn’t listen and I wasn’t in a state of making any action. I was completely paralyzed with the orgasm. She was sucking it, moving her head up and down and shaking it all at the same time. She seemed like a professional at blowjobs. I could feel her wet lips and tongue sliding on my dick.

She also deepthroated a couple of times. After a few tries, I gave up and lay there getting that fabulous blowjob. Her boobs were jiggling below constantly as he sucked on my tool. After a while of this, she stopped and tried to get above me. I resisted but she kissed on my lips and muted me.

She held both my hands with hers so that I couldn’t push her. And then she climbed on me, put her one leg on my hand to release the hand that was holding it and held my dick with it. She kept it upright so that she could it on it and she did. As it slid in she screamed like anything.

The feel of her pussy was above everything and anything I had ever felt. It was so tight and squeezed so hard on my penis that it even hurt a bit. I was completely stunned by this feeling and was not able to resist a bit. When it was completely in she lifted her hand, knowing my capability and kept them on my chest.

She sat like that for a while. She was seeming to get hold of herself and of the pain. Then after she had dealt with the pain she started moving up and down, hitting her ass hard on my thighs every time she came down. She kept screaming and moaning all through it. I was also moaning slightly.

Few drops of blood could be seen on my dick indicating the tearing of her hymen. She kept doing it for a while and then stopped. She said: “I am too tired now you do it.” I obeyed her like a dog and got over her and put my dick in her pussy again and started fucking her. She started moaning like anything.

Her tits were jerking up and down as I fucked her. After at least 15 minutes of fucking, moaning, fast breathing and even screaming sometimes we both came together. I kept my tool inside until it was empty of cum. Then I pulled it out and lay beside her.

I said: “You shouldn’t have done this.” She didn’t say anything. She was lying there naked, breathing slowly.

So that’s it with this story folks. If you liked it please do hit the like button and comment. I do read all your comments so please tell me your views whether good or bad. Give me suggestions about topics of which I should write next and also tell me whether I should make more parts of this series or not. I’ll be back soon.

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